4 Benefits of Spring Swimming Lessons for Kids


As we shake off the cabin fever and Netflix overload that accumulated during winter, many parents start looking for activities that suit the longer and warmer days. Amid an array of options, one activity stands out for being fun, enjoyable and an essential lifesaving skill: swimming. 

Springtime is the most popular season to learn to swim and for good reason: spring swimming lessons prepare kids for safe, water adventures in the summer. Here are 4 reasons spring swimming lessons help you say goodbye to hibernation and hello to summer vacation.  

1. Boost water safety and confidence for kids 

Tragically, drowning is the leading cause of death in kids aged 1 to 4 in the US, so learning to swim is a life-saving skill. Formal swimming lessons have been found to reduce the risk of drowning among children by 88%, which is why it’s such an important investment in children’s safety beyond the joy it brings. 

For those who can swim with confidence, the doors open to other water activities and sports as well – from boating to surfing to triathlons. Swim lessons greatly reduce the risk and nerves around water that are felt by adults and children who can’t swim.

2. Get your kid off screens with fun spring activities

Need a simple way to get your kid off screens without playing tablet tug-of-war? Luckily, you can’t mix water and screentime. Group swimming lessons give your kid the chance to socialize, make new friends and embrace the art of play.  

At Pedalheads, kids’ enjoyment is at the heart of what we do. Our instructors incorporate games and level-specific toys into our programs to keep them engaged for the entire lesson.  

3. Improve kids’ health through low impact exercise 

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and is great for children’s health for a variety of reasons. It engages all the muscle groups from head to toe, it’s low-impact and it improves lung capacity, boosts heart health and increases strength.  

4. Prepare your kid for a summer vacation 

If your family summer bucket list includes a beach, lake or other water-side vacation, your spring bucket list should include swimming lessons. Equipping them with strong swimming skills will give them the freedom to enjoy the water independently or by your side. Whether that be at a water park, in a hotel pool or even on a 15ft inflatable flamingo (you know the ones). 

What to consider when choosing spring swimming lessons  

In-water instruction 

Swim lessons are best taught with hands-on guidance. In-water instruction allows instructors to provide direct guidance to swimmers who can physically assist them and correct body positioning, movements and techniques, helping learners to grasp proper swimming form more easily. 

Small class sizes 

There’s no need for your kid to feel lost at sea. Small swim class ratios allow instructors to provide more attentive coaching to build on their skills and keep them engaged during class. Pedalheads offers private (1:1), semiprivate (2:1) and small classes all-round (4:1) 

Advanced curriculum  

A well-designed swim curriculum develops your young swimmer’s skills incrementally so they can build on what they’ve learned without feeling overwhelmed. This approach allows tots and kids to build competence and confidence at their own pace.  

Longer lessons 

Like any new skill, learning how to swim takes time. Many swim lessons last less than 30 minutes, which can slow their progress. Kids need time to observe, learn, practice, and fine tune skills such as body positioning, breathing, kicking and stroke development. Seek out a swim school that offers longer lessons to encourage more practice time in the water and maximize visible progress. 

Where to find swim classes near you 

Pedalheads offers swimming lessons for kids in BC across Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond and Vancouver and in Toronto, Ontario 

Learn more about Pedalheads spring swimming lessons for kids today. 



Lauren Cousins

Director of Swim, Pedalheads


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